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The "Pintail Series" has a minnow body but is as heavy as a metal jig, and can attack a wide range with its compact silhouette and minnow movement. Since it has a specially designed body, it is more versatile than the pintail tune, and although it is a model centered on fast retrieve like the pintail tune, the corresponding retrieve speed is expanding. It's also more stable, so it's easy for anyone to use, and you can get the wobbling action just by winding it fast. The action is wide wobbling action. It is a movement that is suitable for a fast tempo game and is easy to invite a reaction bite. Since the pintail 35 and pintail 48 are also considered to be compatible with super-large items, welding through wires are used.

At the beginning of development, the lure was conscious of offshore, but its overwhelming flight distance attracted attention from anglers from the shore, and the results were achieved all over the country. Not to mention sea bass, it continues to attract all kinds of fish eaters such as inada, amberjack, bonito, flounder, and swordfish. In addition, its power spreads not only to salt water but also to fresh water centered on trout. The 20g model has been highly evaluated even for cherry salmon and salvelinus.

Length: 70mm | Weight: 20g | Hooks: #6 | Type: Sinking

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