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GRANDAGE LITE is suitable for small fish and finesse fishing. Our goal has been to make very accurate and high performance Japanese finesse style rods (known as light game rods). Our design improves on previous technology to create a series of superior rods. The field of fishing and techniques used, has been changing for many years. To meet this change, we have adjusted our products by totally redesigning our entire selection of finesse style rods. The rod action has improved with even more need tapers and length adjustments.These improved rods give you the light weight and sensitive feedback essential in fishing. 

GRANDAGE STD. series rods are extremely powerful, mid-modulus, and light weight spinning rods; designed specifically for longer casting to help anglers tackle a variety of situations. These rods range from 6'6 '' to 10 ', with line-ratings varying from 12 to 50 pound test, and lure ratings from 3/16 to 2 ounces. This rod can be used from rocks, docks, at the surf or reef, and along rivers. 

With GRANDAGE XD, you can rest assured knowing that your rod won't let you down. While it may feel light, these rods are more than a match. The GRANDAGE XD is a light weight, versatile, and strong rod. Weather it's a smaller or bigger fish, our rod is more than capable of helping you reel it in.

Grandage Extra, A custom model that focuses on the specialty that is in the versatility of "Grandage" and that corresponds to a narrowed down application and target. 


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