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The Sea Leopard bends flexibly up to the butt section of the rod, saying, "The angler doesn't feel much load, but the lift power is actually coming out." It is a fishing rod of such nature. I think this property is easy for anyone to use, regardless of their experience as a veteran or a beginner.

Sea Leopard is too ordinary and has no characteristics, but both target fish lures are very versatile, and if you have one Sea Leopard, you can use almost any target fish and any lure. This is the biggest feature of this rod.

In a fight with a large GT, tuna, "Oh, the fish have already floated. .. .. There are many fights like this. It seems that it was really magical.

The lure flies very well with a small force. It efficiently converts the power of the angler into the restoring force of the rod.

Please come and experience what this "magic fishing rod" is like.

 SLP80 / 33 Explanation

"SLP80 / 33" is a very versatile rod that can be used for any fish species of GT amberjack.

It is also highly versatile for all types of lures, so you can use it with any type of lure, such as pencils, poppers, and sinking pencils.

If it is a casting method that uses centrifugal force, the minimum lure size can be used from "80g". "120-150g" can be used with a particularly good feeling.

If you have "SLP80 / 33", you can use it with various fish species and lures. There are no distinctive features, but "Cast", "Lure Action" and "Fight" are all very easy to use.

■ SLP80 / 38 Explanation

"SLP80 / 38" is very easy to use like SLP80 / 33. Although it is 38 lb and power rod, casting, lure action, and fight are all easy to do.

Especially the fight with GT goes up very easily regardless of the heavy rod. Like SLP80 / 33, "SLP80 / 38" is highly versatile for various fish species if the weight of the lure matches.

"SLP80 / 38" flexibly responds to the type of lure. If you like the nature of SLP80 / 33 and are looking for a power rod that can fully use PE8, "SLP80 / 38" is the best choice.

It doesn't have any distinctive features, but all of "Cast", "Lure Action" and "Fight" are very easy to use.

I think the "SLP80 / 38" is a rod that is "easy to use". 

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