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Secure souvenirs! Sabiki for lure games in case of trouble

You can freely combine it for jigging and tyraba! It is a leader with lure game compatible and explosive fishing sabiki.

"Today's fishing results ...", "High-class fish as a souvenir!" Let's add one souvenir with delicious fish. The hook is made of red sea bream, which is compatible with various fish species, and the line is finished with a taut fluorocarbon. 

Bait such as small fish is imitated in the chimoto part with holo film & flash fiber, and low activity fish is also tempted by glitter flushing. Aim for the "Sabiki Leader" that will eat you involuntarily! Fishing fruit leader!

● A reader with sabiki that can be used for jigging, inking, and tyraba.
● Uses fluorocarbon Harris, which is taut and resistant to root misalignment.
● A blend of several types of flash fibers. Finished with a holo film to appeal to small fish.
● Easy to set on lures and high-strength W snaps are used up and down.

Two Per Pack.

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