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Extreme delicacy and sensitivity. Core series of sea bream mule games 

The HS series, which is the hanging tone model of the "BINBIN STICK" series, which is the basis of the Jackal snapper lava rod, has a highly sensitive tip tone design that uses carbon for the delicate solid tip structure. As an aggressive "hanging tone" specification that supports anglers with both hand sensitivity and eye sensitivity for small atari, it is finished as a rod that can be caught in the field near the high pressure urban area.

The light operability and sensitivity of the carbon blanks, which combine tension and suppleness, make it possible to concentrate on long-term games without interrupting concentration. In addition, a design that pays attention to details such as a marking tip with excellent visibility that makes it easy to catch changes in the short bite that makes it easy to catch the moment of landing or a jerky short bite, and a 130 cm closed size setting that takes portability when using public transportation. So, make the snapper mule game even more comfortable.

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