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Industry's first Sagoshi exclusive design

Sagoshi (Spanish mackerel larva) known as a migratory fish that can be easily aimed from breakwaters and surf. Sagoshi fishing has been known for a long time, but the current situation is that a more effective fishing method for game fishing has not been established. Many anglers are pursuing Sagoshi by substituting existing lures. Some anglers found and used lures suitable for sagoshi fishing, and produced overwhelming results. It goes without saying that Jackson's synonym "Pintail Series."

The biggest feature of Pintail Sagoshitune is the irregular action that occurs automatically during the first retrieve. In the regular wobbling action, a flat hit that gives off a strong flushing occurs "unexpectedly". Flushing with a unique flat side three-sided body strongly appeals to Sagoshi who has no eyes on light objects, and induces a reaction bite. In addition, Sagoshi does not have a swim bladder and is not good at moving up and down. Therefore, it is not possible to follow the action in the vertical direction well, and miss bites occur frequently, resulting in a line break. 

Therefore, the pintail sagoshi tune that can induce a reaction bite with a certain range of lateral movement makes sense as a lure exclusively for sagoshi. And, from the viewpoint of "easy", it can be handled with a wide range of tackles, and pursues the best balance that does not feel stress from casting to retrieval. By adopting a penetrating wire that takes strength into consideration, it is possible to reliably catch precious fish even if the body breaks. The "Pintail Sagoshi Tune", which thoroughly researches the habits and predation methods of Sagoshi and combines the know-how of heavy weight minnow cultivated by Jackson, is the ultimate lure for Sagoshi.