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Multi-hanger BM that can be attached to the bucket mouse series and Langan BOX series. You can hang frequently used pliers and scissors, so you can work smoothly at the fishing spot. In addition, by using the dent that makes it easy to hook the hook of the jig or lure directly, you can save the time to put it in and out of the case, such as waiting for the starting lineup candidate lure and temporarily hanging the replaced lure, so you will not miss the time. Other optional parts such as parts case BM-100 and lure holder BM can be attached, expanding the range of "tackle box self-style arrangement" at fishing spots.

[Compatible Meiho/Versus Products]

BM-9000 / BM-7000 / BM-5000 / VS-7080 / VS-7080N / VS-7070 / VS-7070N / VS-7055 / VS-7055N / VW-2070 / VW-2055

* When this product is attached to the bucket mouse series,
please note that the lid cannot be opened from the opposite side of the attachment.
If you open it forcibly, the connection between the bucket mouse and this product may be damaged.

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