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It is possible to store metal jigs, hard lures, egi, etc. by standing them in each partition.
By storing not only lures but also worms and devices in the package, you can organize them neatly and return them smoothly, so you will not miss the moment.

It can be attached to multi-purpose holders of Bucket Mouth series, Langan BOX series, and multi-holder BM-25, 30.

Since a joint system is used to connect the stockers, it has excellent stability in the box, and the performance as an inner case is also fully demonstrated.

From storage to actual fishing, it is an optional part that you cannot do without.

System storage products:

BM-9000, BM-7000, BM-5000, VS-7080, VS-7070, VW-2070
BM-9000, BM-7000, BM-5000, VS-7080, VS-7080N, VS-7070, VS-7070N, VS-7055, VS-7055N, VW-2070, VW-2055, Multi-Holder BM-25, can be attached to BM-30

Body: Polycarbonate resin
Divider: Polypropylene
HG with 12 adjustable partitions

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