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Equipped with Micromodule Gear, this reel is a high rigidity and high endurance low profile jigging reel. 

These reels are a compact 300 size which fits nicely into the palm of your hand which is important when working a jig and keeping control of your line. Powered by the Micro Module Gear and X-Ship system, the reel offers super smooth winding. By using the aluminium Hagane Body construction, the Grappler remains rigid under load, giving you the confidence to fish it hard. Outputting up to 7kg of drag, this is impressive for a reel of this size and gives you the ability to turn a fish’s head. A High Gear ratio of 6.2:1 makes it perfect micro jigs of varying styles, but we have also found this versatile enough to fish the bottom with baits in deeper water also. The Grappler also features a specially designed handle that is fitted with a CI4+ power knob for better leverage and control which gives you the advantage when fighting a fish.

Grappler 300/301HG Specs

Bearings: 5 | Drag: 7kg | Gear Ratio: 6.2:1 | Retrieve: 84 | Weight: 325g
Line Capacity: PE2 - 380m | PE3 - 250m | PE4 - 190m