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One of the most popular models in the South East Asia range, the latest Sienna is formed by using gears designed with the extensive use of 3D analysis. Equipped with an AR-C spool which prevents line trouble when casting, it is a beginner-friendly reel which gives anglers a smooth feeling with little play.

500FG | Gear: 5.6:1 | Drag: 2kg | Weight: 180g | Line: 0.6-185m/0.8-140m/1-110m
1000FG | Gear: 5.0:1 | Drag: 3kg | Weight: 205g | Line: 0.8-240m/1-190m
2500FG | Gear: 5.0:1 | Drag: 4kg | Weight: 250g | Line: 1-320m/1.2-220m/1.5-160m
C3000FG | Gear: 5.0:1 | Drag: 8.5kg | Weight: 250g | Line: 1-400m/1.5-270m/2-180m