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When I suddenly look at the waterside on a business trip or on an expedition, various fish are swimming. "Ah, if you bring a pole ..." It's a word that every angler mourns. The staff of XESTA have often had similar feelings at work and on expeditions.  

I want to make a full-scale, yet easy-to-carry, multi-piece light game rod. From this thought, the development of the mobile series began. I designed it as an all-tubular and versatile blank because I want to use it regardless of the line and lure so that I can enjoy it no matter where I go. From the delicate tips and berries that are consistent in the Black Star series, the strength of the bat remains the same and a smooth bent curve is drawn. 

With a size that easily falls below the carry-on limit of 54 cm, you can carry it anywhere in Japan or abroad, so if you keep it in your baggage bag, you can enjoy light games anytime, anywhere. When you pick up this rod, the field of light games should expand infinitely.

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