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The popularity of rock fish games is limited to the shore, the scenes such as boats are expanding, and the variation of methods continues to increase. This model has the concept of "a rock fish rod that anyone can easily handle", and finishes all rock fish games in Japan, from soy and fat greenling in the north to groupers of around 2 kg in the south, into blanks that can be enjoyed from both shore and offshore. rice field. 

The supple, weakly fast-tapered blanks enable everything from Texas-based approaches around seagrass beds to grouper swimming methods and dirt actions, and are designed to convey the behavior of underwater rigs and carry a faint bite. .. T

hen, after hanging the fish, you can riff the fish firmly with a unique feeling of squeezing. You will be amazed at the power and versatility created by the Black Star. Here's a new frontier for rockfish games.

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