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A New Generation of Offshore Jigging Rods:

The new FOKEETO IKARI is a super elastic offshore jigging rod, featuring ZENAQ’s novel proprietary technology: the “IKARI Blank”. Until now, blanks this thin have never had the lightening-fast recovery or extreme durability of the IKARI, which make them ideal for all types of jigging. No longer do anglers have to bring a variety of rods with them in order to properly work different types of jigs; IKARI rods excel at working all types of jigs, from slow and short to semi-long and even long jigs.

IKARI rods also allow anglers to chase larger fish with smaller and lighter set-ups due to the blanks’ unprecedented elastic limits. With these rods, fatigue and missed hits are concerns of the past; ultralight, ultra-sensitive, and ultra-strong, these rods are designed to maximise your enjoyment of the offshore jigging experience.

Hand Crafted In Japan

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