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One of the tenya red sea bream fishing methods with super lightweight weights that is gradually spreading from Tohoku including the Mutsu Bay shallow area. Invite red sea bream migrating to shallow water with a slow swimming fall, and follow the fishing to bite into it perfectly.  

It is a tuned jig head optimised for red sea bream, such as a strong hook that is as good as red sea bream and a luminous head that can handle muddy tides.
It can be used not only for boat fishing but also for casting from the shore.

In 2021, a large size will be released to accommodate even larger sea breams and large foods!

● Luminous paint head that is resistant to turbidity.
● Uses a strong hook that also supports good red sea bream.
● Equipped with a support eye that can be set with a grandchild needle.
● A wire keeper that does not easily break the shape of the food worm and holds it firmly.

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