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Valid is a minnow vibration equipped with a variable action function. In slow retrieve, you swim weakly with a fine rolling action, and when you increase the retrieve speed, it changes into a violent wobbling action. Two completely different actions are used, and the "timing to fish" and "timing to eat fish" can be freely performed, enabling the angler to actively aggressively catch a bite, thereby enabling aggressive fishing. The target point is where the seabass takes position, such as a tide or a break. The moment you reach the point "Here!", You change the retrieve speed and invite you to work. The most effective use is to make full use of action change in the sense of “shooting and shooting”. 

Valid 70 ☆ Effective usage
"Valid 70" has a target range of 1.0m to 2.0m. Despite the vibration shape, it has a response that will surely engrave the action even in slow retrieve, shifting the function to the character of a minnow plug. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a favourite of night games because it can trace the shallow range slowly . The distance and range keeping power of the vibration are the same, and it is the only one that balances the action response of the minnow .

Specification: Length: 70mm | Weight: 15g | Hook: #8, #8 | Type: Sinking | Depth: 1-2m | Made In Japan

LB = Long Bill, WT = Weight Transfer, S = Sinking, SP = Suspend, F = Floating

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