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Light shore plugging compatible model that can also be used with sea bass tackle

Rapid is what makes that feeling come true.
It responds to the operation of the angler with an action that can be transformed.
That's why you can "eat" it!

In long jerk, which pulls the rod
toward you and swims just below the surface of the water , it acts with biological ripples like bait fish.

Even if the jerk width is shortened and invited at a high tempo, the
balance is not lost and there is no jumping out to the surface of the water.
Even with continuous twitching, it produces a bait fish that escapes with a high response like a small pencil .
You can do whatever action you want.

You can change the action and produce the timing of feeding.
That's why, until now, even greenery, which had to be sadly forgotten to turn around and return home, can be made to use their mouths.

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