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A rod exclusively for the super method "Super Light Shore Jigging (SLS)" that allows you to catch anything from blue fish and root fish.

In shore jigging, XESTA proposes a fishing method called Super Light Shore Jigging (SLS) using a small metal jig for situations where metal jigs and plugs such as silas bait and ami pattern are not toothy at all. The small silhouette has brought about an unprecedented explosive fishing result, which has caused a great response in various places. As a result, the small metal jig jumped from a sub-treatment to a main lure at once. Along with that, the number of anglers who tune the hook sysdnntem and enjoy delicate root fish games is increasing, and SLS is evolving day by day. Not only did the blanks allow small metal jigs to fly far offshore, but they also had delicate tips for carrying a small bite while swimming and long range bottoms with jerk, twitch and slow action without losing power. The routine tricks work. By adding a solid tip model, you can enjoy even more sensitive games, so you will be able to develop SLS games that go one step further.  

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